Programming, content management systems and server administration have been an important hobby of mine for almost a decade now. Here is a breakdown of the skills I possess.

Check out some of my smaller projects at GitHub.

Programming and design

  • Web-based scripting languages: PHP, Ruby, Python
  • Web development frameworks: Django, Ruby on Rails, Zend
  • Web development tools and libraries: Node.js, Angular.js, Reveal.js (almost anything *.js)
  • Web design frameworks: Bootstrap
  • Other languages: C/C++, Java, Haskell

Content Management Systems (CMS)

I have used WordPress to design and host many a website, whether they are temporary projects or not. WordPress has an incredibly flexible development model where core components do not get in the way, and you can implement pretty much anything you want with PHP and MySQL.

For more modest blogs I have preferred The Ghost CMS which relies on Markdown conversion for content creation.

Server administration

Linux virtual servers are a second home to me. I have experience from both Ubuntu and Debian environments and I have hosted several droplets in DigitalOcean environment. I can handle the installation, configuration and maintenance of a virtual server. For setting up a regular website I have experience from Apache and Nginx.

Other skills of note

I do writing — a lot. How else could this site exist? I can write various kind of articles from software documentation, reports to journalistic coverages and straight interviews. For all of my articles I leverage the benefits of Evernote platform which I can fill up with important notes.

Teamwork is the bomb. I’m very familiar with collaborating on online documents in Google Apps, managing projects in Trello and conversing in real-time with Slack and Flowdock. If your organisation uses any of these services, do let me know!

Did I miss anything? Drop me a line at (PGP: BD3C F742).

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